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Election options for your organization

"This e-balloting makes voting a piece of cake. Very efficient and quick. Thanks!"
– Brenna Isaacs, former Aurora Education Association President

"We are happy with every aspect of the service ... the interface is very user-friendly and simple."
– Kevin Marshall, former Colorado Springs Education Association President

Other comments from voters:

"This system is much more efficient ... I love it!"

"That was easy! Thank you!"

"Easy to navigate, efficient, easy to read, direct and to the point information."

"Very painless process!"

Go green and save your members' time by holding your elections online! Your organization only needs members' names and one other piece of identifying information (click here for more information).

For as little as $250or even $50 – you can hold your election securely and conveniently on our Web site. You get:

Go ahead and try our sample ballot!

You only need to provide a list of your members and of the candidates and questions, and we will do the rest! Put away the #2 pencils and take the hassle out of the process.

Note from the designer: I developed this site to help organizations run elections more quickly, easily, and reliably. I have served as an election officer in my own union, and I know how inefficient the process can be. I look forward to helping your association streamline its processes and free up members' time.

–Corey Kesler
Vector Consulting LLC

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